Sean and Teresa at Bend WeddingWe, Sean and Teresa, have been living in Central Oregon for about 5 years with our pooches Ruby and Zephyr.  2009 is a big year for us, we got married and Sean is completing his helicopter training.  We’ve decided it’s a great time to make a big change, so we are moving back East to be closer to family and hopefully closer to the beach again.  We are not sure yet where we will land; our ultimate destination will depend on where Sean get’s a job as a Certified Helicopter flight instructor.  But before we settle down again, we want to take a long, relaxing cross country trip.  We’ve decidedDSC_0047 a small RV is the best way for us to see everything we want Ruby and Zeph on vistato see and still be comfortable.  It’s a bit of a tight squeeze with the dogs, but it’s cozy and easy to drive.

We’ve created this blog so that friends and family and check in and keep up with our travels.  We will do our best to post often, but don’t get nervous if we miss several days in a row….we are using a wireless broadband connection and are not yet sure of it’s availability along the trail.


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  1. Hello you four 🙂 Thanks for making a photo blog it will be fun to keep up to date on you 🙂 Good Luck with all your travels and futures plans. We will miss you.


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