Redwood Coast, we’ll miss the Beach

Yesterday we woke to warm weather in Klamath, CA and sunny skies.  We headed south on 101 through more Redwoods and stopped at Dry Lagoon Beach State Park to let the dogs run.  It seems they love the beach where they can tear around and roll in the sand.  We hiked the beach and let the dogs run until they were exhausted.  Ruby found a place in the shade by this rock…but right after the photo was snapped, she got nailed with a giant wave!  She’s not a fan of the cold water.

DSC_0237Next we drove down to Arcata and Sean pointed out the apartment he lived in for 3 months after high school.  We didn’t stop long on Arcata, but then headed down to Trinidad, CA.  We took a nice hike up onto a bluff over looking the Trinidad bay.  The water was beautiful and the weather was perfect.

DSC_0272After a day at the beach, we headed inland to Shasta and stayed at an RV park where we got some laundry done.  Today we have an appointment to get our fridge fixed and then will be headed to Shingletown to stay with Uncle Roy and Aunt Cheryl.  The weather is sunny and high of 81 in Redding today, Yahoo!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Linda Kemerer on October 7, 2009 at 6:00 pm

    Tell Ruby I can sympathize with her, that water is frigid! Thanks for sharing the great pictures.

    Love, Mom


  2. That is very exciting that you had such nice weather. Again, good luck with that fridge! Love the pictures!


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